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3rd May 2024

A Parting Note...

As I approach my final Sunday I am feeling a mix of emotions. I wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the journey we've shared at NVBC. Saying goodbye is bittersweet, yet I'm filled with excitement to follow God's call and embark on a new path with "A New Way". Your presence at the services this Sunday would mean the world to me as we celebrate together.

During the sermon, I'll be reflecting on my ministry journey, drawing inspiration from Psalm 84 – the same Psalm I shared in my cover letter when I first applied to join NVBC years ago.

I am also incredibly grateful that NVBC is supporting my future ministry efforts by facilitating an offering. Your generous donations will contribute to the 'launch fund' for A New Way. These funds will cover essential needs like equipment, venue hire, insurance, and may enable me to work part-time in this new calling. You can donate here.

For more details about the mission, vision, budget and projects, please visit:

Your continued support, prayer, and generosity are deeply appreciated. I know I can not do this alone! I need your help as God leads the way.

Here’s a reflection from a recent time of encouragement and prayer:

Wearing my John Deere hat always brings me back to my roots in the country, it reminds me where I came from! Recently, while speaking at a conference, I proudly wore my cap. A man noticed it and approached me, eager to share some encouragement and prayer. He spoke about how farmers work tirelessly, but with the help of big machinery, their job becomes easier. The bigger the machine, the lighter the load. He likened it to John Deere tractors, which do most of the work, allowing the farmer to enjoy the ride. Expanding on the metaphor, he explained that God is like the big machinery. When we trust in God's power and allow Him to take the load, our burdens become lighter. We simply need to join in the journey and enjoy the ride. As we each pursue our various callings, I pray that we would trust in God.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight." - Proverbs 3:5-6

May Mission Month

NVBC is a church devoted to mission - local, regional and international. Each year we set aside the month of May to have a special focus on God's mission.

We have a daily prayer focus for the mission-shaped ministries of NVBC and our partnerships in Australia and around the world. You can access the prayer points here (for week 1).

Our May Mission Month appeal has now opened. We are raising money for an exciting project, bringing together expertise in discipleship training with indigenous leaders to create a First Nations discipleship training course. To learn more about the project click here.

The Haven Walkabout

Each Tuesday morning a group of guys meet 9:30am at Terrigal Haven for a walk, chat and connect over coffee at a local cafe afterwards. It is a simple, healthy and wholesome way of having a ministry of presence with one another!

All fitness levels are welcome and if you would like to know more, please contact Bob Gibson on 0439 282 451.


This Sunday

Sunday May 5

In both AM & PM Services we will thank, celebrate and pray over Lewis as he launches into his next ministry season. Parents: please note kids are in for these services, we will have kids packs prepared and back rooms will be available for any kids who need a separate space.

Working Bee

Saturday May 11

Come lend a hand from 8am as we tackle some trimming, weeding and helping make the church grounds look beautiful for Mother's Day. Let Bob know if you can help out.

Mother's Day Combined Service

Sunday May 12

Join us for a combined morning service (no PM service) at 9:30am on Mother's Day. Stay back for a morning tea of scones with jam and cream!

Prayer Walk Night

Tuesday May 14

For our next prayer meeting we will be prayer walking through the church property! Join us as thank God and pray for the ways God is moving through NVBC.

Presence Night

Wednesday May 22

Join us for a powerful mid-week evening of worship and prayer together.


Finance Update



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