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NVBC is a church devoted to mission - local, regional and international. We have a special focus on God's mission in May each year. Please pray each day throughout May for the mission-shaped ministries of NVBC and our partnerships in Australia and around the world.

Wednesday - 1st May

Today is the first day of May Mission Month. Pray for Australian Christians celebrating Mission Month, as they explore what it means to live as co-workers and 'co-menders' with God in their neighbourhoods and beyond.

Pray of people of all ages to grow their heart for our beautiful, broken world.

Thursday - 2nd May

Pray that our community families would connect in with the church .

Pray also that the playgroup will continue to be and inviting space for carers to connect with each other and us.

Friday - 3rd May

Pray for God to be powerfully at work among the Yawo people of Malawi and Mozambique, bringing His restoration and healing.

Pray that the BMA team working there is attentive to the Spirit’s promptings as they seek to live alongside the Yawo, sharing God’s love and hope in relevant ways.

Saturday - 4th May

Pray for the Fitness and Zumba leaders as they run the programs during this new term.

Pray for health and that the term will be injury free.

Sunday - 5th May

Pray for Rachel and Sarah during the handover period and the start of second term as Sarah steps into her new role.

Pray that the children and leaders return with renewed vigour and excitement.

Monday - 6th May

Pray for Nita as she prepares to leave for Uganda on the 13th May for a 2.5 year term.

Pray for a safe trip without any delays.

Pray she is able to quickly get a much needed car once back in Uganda.

Tuesday - 7th May

Please pray that God will give guidance and direction to Uncle Russ and Aunty Lorraine in how to engage and reach members of their community through different programs of Purfleet Church.

Prayer for continued movement of God in people to lead the indigenous church into the future.


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