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Our InterMission team oversees our mission partnership relationships. Here is a list of the InterMission team members and the missionaries/organisations they are responsible for:


News & Prayer Calendar

The Harvest is a monthly prayer calendar for the missions supported by NVBC, compiled by David Wolski. Each month prayer requests and praise points from representatives of each mission are compiled into a prayer calendar so you can pray for our missions partners every day. The Harvest is sent out with our weekly newsletter on the last Friday of each month.

Iain and Renee Skinner also provide news updates from our missions partners which are included in the NVBC weekly newsletter from time to time.

To recieve the weekly Newsletter and the monthly Harvest prayer calendar, click here.

Short Term Mission Teams

These small teams have been sent from NVBC since the mid 2000’s with a dual purpose:

Firstly, to support the Cross Cultural Missionaries in their work and let them know that their work is important to us;

Secondly, to allow NVBC partners to experience Cross Cultural Mission so as better to understand how to pray for and support the missionaries but also to allow God to perhaps show them that this might be where He would like them to be.

Each Short Term Mission Team takes 12-18 months to organise as there needs to be some cultural understanding and language lessons as well as many legalities to organise before the group leaves for the trip.


Robyn Wolski looks after this portfolio.


For many years, NVBC has been involved in the Stamp collecting ministry of Baptist Mission Australia. Used stamps are collected by churches all over Australia, and sent to BMA to be collated and packaged up for sale to stamp collectors. The funds raised by the sale of stamps go straight to supporting the mission work of BMA.

If you would like to donate your used stamps, please speak to Beth Lane, who looks after this portfolio.

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