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Nita - Uganda

In 2017 Nita Finger, one of our own members, headed to Uganda to work with the Karamojong people in Moroto.
Nita moved to the Central Coast from Tamworth to take up a position with AIM (Africa Inland Mission) in North Gosford because of her interest in serving God in Africa. During her work and study, she became part of our Kid’s Church team.  
In Moroto her first task was to learn the language, and this has been (and still is) an ongoing task. She learns one on one with a local lady, Christine, who is now her best friend. When she returned after a year of home assignment, she was happy that she could remember some language but “lots of people sounded like they were talking under water”.
In her first term of four years, she was not only working within the Church and with individuals but took part in craft groups within the prison.

Image by bill wegener


When she returned in 2022 she was invited to join Nasur, a local believer, in leading a Bible Study with Nakiru and herneighbours. She still does a lot of personal visitation.Another problem she faced on her return to Moroto early 2022 was that rats had chewed through some wiring in her car. Thewater pump also needed replacing.As well as the regular support NVBC sends there has also been money raised for particular projects. One of the projects NVBC was involved with was making Treasures and Proclaimers (like little tape recorders) available for use and distribution. An Old Testament recording has now been made to add to the New Testament recording.

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