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Youth expectations

Our Vision: Desperate for God, Passionate for People

The Valley Youth is committed to creating a safe environment where teenagers can build authentic relationships and learn about God/Christianity.

Therefore, it is important for us to set some expectations so that our students are safe, our volunteers are valued, our neighbours are comfortable and our parents are confident in dropping their children off on Friday evenings.

We understand that different aspects of youth will interest different students. Some youth may prefer games, some may prefer worship, and some may prefer the bible teaching. We believe that youth is an all-inclusive experience and encourage the students to participate in all programs and activities on Friday nights.

We believe The Valley is the best place to be! and we know our students love being able to attend. 

Photographers are present on the night and we do use these photos for social media and promotion.

What to bring on Friday

- Youth will need to bring a water-bottle. During games and activities youth can get very sweaty. It's important to stay hydrated, however, youth are not allowed to enter any of the Church kitchens without Leader supervision and we do not have a public water fountain. We highly recommend bringing a water-bottle.

- Youth may require a notebook and bible. During youth we generally present a 15 minute talk/sermon about the bible. We encourage youth to take notes and read along. Youth may also like to engage in bible reading at home.

- Youth may bring phones and electronic devices, however, we take no responsibility in the event that an item is lost, broken or stolen. We recommend leaving unnecessary valuable items at home.

- Youth may bring scooters, skateboards & sporting balls , however these items are not allowed to be used indoors and may be confiscated if used indoors without permission.

Expectations / Conditions of Entry

- Bullying and physical violence will not be permitted. Bullying of any kind will result in a parent/guardian being called and the student being sent home from the premises.

- Strictly no drugs, alcohol, vapes, cigarettes or any illicit substance.

- While outdoors students must not go out-of-bounds. Any area that is not in direct sight of a Leader is out-of-bounds. This includes on the neighbouring properties, behind the church building, kitchens, or in any building without a leader.

- Vandalism and theft is not permitted.

- While indoors students are required to remain within the main auditorium unless they have leader permission and supervision. Students may leave the auditorium in pairs to visit the restroom, however, the restrooms are not a place for congregating. Students may also leave the auditorium when they are anxious or overwhelmed, however, we may call parents to ensure those students are cared for.

- We understand that many students are in relationships, however, we encourage students to not participate in "public displays of affection" such as: kissing, cuddling or sitting on each others lap. We encourage students to leave these activities for outside of the program.

- Swearing may offend some people and students will be reminded not to swear.

- Leaders should be respected. Adult leaders wear green lanyards. Students are required to listen to the directions of Leaders in order to keep themselves and others safe.

- If students are unable to follow expectations we may call their parent/guardian to pick them up from the program.

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