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This is a special bible study to help us dig deeper into God's vision for NVBC in 2024. If you missed Travis's message on Sunday, make sure you catch up on YouTube or the Podcast.

One With God

Attending and attentive to the presence of God in my life

Read Mark 1:32-39

  • What do you think Jesus's day-to-day life would've been like? How exhausting do you imagine it would have been for him?

  • Why did Jesus need to get up before dawn and go off on his own to pray?

  • Do you spend time alone with God like this? What would it look like for you to carve out time in your busy life to spend with God on your own?

  • What significance is there in Jesus's words in verse 38? Do you think Mark is inviting us to connect this statement to his time of prayer? If so, what would that mean?

  • How do we 'listen' and 'learn' from time spent with God? What would it look like for you to do life inspired and led by your time alone with God?

Together With God

Welcoming and worshipping the presence of God together

Read Acts 4:23-31

  • What inspired the early church to gather in praise of God like this?

  • What did they ask God for together?

  • How did God respond?

  • What do we do when we spend time with one another as God's people?

  • What draws us together? What motivates you to go to church?

  • What have you seen God do in these times of gathering for prayer and worship?

With One Another

Genuine and Generous ministry of presence with one another

Read Acts 4:32-37

  • What does this snapshot of the early church show us about the values and priorities of their community?

  • How do we continue their legacy in our modern context?

  • How can we be more genuine and go deeper in loving our brothers and sisters?

  • How can we be more generous in this?

  • How are these things an expression of God's presence at work among us?

Beyond the Church

Personal and prayerful ministry of presence beyond the church

Read Acts 5:12-32

  • What was the impact of the early church beyond the church?

  • How do you think these activities were linked to the first three categories?

  • How might we be more able to "tell the people all about this new life," as the angel put it?

Look again at the four areas of presence.

  • Which of these four stands out to you as something you long to grow in this year?

  • Which of these stands out to you as something you are really enjoying at the moment?

  • Which of these stands out to you as something you are feeling challenged by?

  • Which of these would you like to grow in as a connect group this year?

Spend some time praying for your group, and for one another individually, and for NVBC as a whole.


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