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Read Psalm 84

  • What is the overall attitude of the psalm? (There are many types of psalms. Would you say this one is a song of praise, thanksgiving or lament? Is it focused on expressing faith and trust? Is the psalmist remembering history or past experiences? Is it for teaching, proclaiming or prophesying?)

This Psalm may have been written for singing during a pilgrimage to Jerusalem for a great festival.

  • What do you imagine would be the effect of these words on the pilgrims as they sang together?

Reread verses 1-4

In this first stanza, the Psalmist looks toward the distant Jerusalem temple.

  • How does the Psalmist feel about God's dwelling place? Why do you think they feel this way?

  • Do you ever feel this way about God? What could make you feel this way?

Reread verses 5-8

In this second stanza, the Psalmist describes the pilgrims' journey

  • What do the pilgrims experience on their way?

  • What happens at the journey's end (v8)?

  • Have you ever had a similar experience in your life's journey as a Christian?

Reread verses 9-12

In this final stanza, the Psalmist describes the prayers of God's people in the temple

  • What does it mean for God's people to meet with Him?

  • Do they find what they were longing for in verses 1-4?

  • What is the parallel of this experience for us today?

  • How does this psalm anticipate the coming of Jesus and His Kingdom? Can you spot Jesus in these words, images or ideas?

  • What is your response to this psalm? What would you like to pray or do now that you've meditated on this psalm?


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