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John 15:1-17

  • Share your reflections from our Re-Connect sermons and bible studies:

    • What were your highlights?

    • What did you find challenging?

    • Have you made any changes in your life in response to anything you learnt?

This year our church-wide vision is Re-Connect, based on Jesus' teaching in John 15:1-17.

  • In general, what is the value of connections in life? Why do you think people crave connection? What happens to people when they become disconnected or isolated from others?

Read John 15:1-17

Vine branch with grapes and leaves
  • Consider the parts of a grapevine. What does the trunk do? What do the branches do? What does the fruit do? What are the relationships between each of these parts?

  • So then what do you think Jesus is saying about us (the branches)?

    • What happens when we are connected to the vine? [1]

    • What happens if we are disconnected?

    • What do you think a 'fruitful' life looks like?

Re-read verses 9-17

  • How does Jesus link our 'remaining' or 'abiding' in Him to our love for one another as fellow disciples?

  • How does the love Jesus has for us inform our loving one another?

Verses 7-8 and 16-17 include two versions of the same promise: that God will give us whatever we ask for in Jesus' name. In fact, Jesus makes this promise four times in this one conversation.

  • What do you think Jesus means by this promise? (Look carefully at the context for a deeper understanding)

  • How do we pray in light of this four-fold promise?

Spend an extended time in prayer for one another:

  • For a deeper connection with Jesus

  • For the fruit of that connection

  • For our love for one another

  • For your group and our NVBC church family

  • For any other prayers you have on your heart

[1] Ancient Greek doesn't really have a word for pruning - instead they used the word for 'clean' (kathairo). So when Jesus talks about pruning the vine in verse 2, he immediately slips into thinking about cleanliness and purity in verse 3. It's a play on words that is somewhat lost in English.


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