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NVBC is a church devoted to mission - local, regional and international. We have a special focus on God's mission in May each year. Please pray each day throughout May for the mission-shaped ministries of NVBC and our partnerships in Australia and around the world.

Wednesday - 22nd May

Northern Thailand

A village man was suffering chest and abdomen pain. Doctors couldn’t help so he went to the village shaman who told him to follow his father-in-law who was a believer.

Praise God who used a shaman to bring a man and his family to faith.

Thursday - 23rd May

Pray for Nita’s language learning, that she will start to find it easier as she learns more, and she continues to build good relationship with her language nurturer.

Pray for her health and permanent healing as she deals with migraines and arthritis.

Pray for God’s leading and wisdom for ministry focus this term.

Pray for unity within the team as they seek God’s guidance and direction for the ministry in Uganda.

Friday - 24th May

Prayer for favourable new lease at The Clam and wisdom with future decisions on church growth.

Saturday - 25th May

Zoe Thailand

Pray for ZOE as they work to prevent through exploitation through community outreach and public awareness programs; to rescue children through partnerships with NGOs and police; and restoration for those rescued from trafficking.

The team visited schools promoting trafficking awareness to 11,185 people last year using teaching, drama, workshops, and games, equipping children and young people with the knowledge to make them less vulnerable.

89 children were rescued from modern slavery situations in 2023 working with local law enforcement.

Please pray for ZOE staff around the world. There are many children in the centres who have recently been rescued and are recovering from trauma.

Sunday - 26th May

Pray for Lewis as he answers God’s call into the A New Way ministry which will begin events in June.

Pray for those who feel alienated by traditional churches will be able to connect with A New Way and connect with God.

Pray that God will supply the needed resources including finances to support this ministry.

Monday - 27th May

Northern Thailand

Pray for the funding needed for resources to provide extra English learning for local children at Baan Sawaang.

It is the long school break in Thailand and Baan Sawaang will be providing lessons so the students can continue learning English. Pray for Liz and Glenn as they build relationships with the students, their families, and the general community.

Pray for the health of Glenn, Liz, Dema, Caroline and families, and Margaret at this hot and smoggy time of year.

Tuesday - 28st May

Pray for the development of the Treehouse Game which is a preventative tool for children identified as at risk or vulnerable by a social worker, child protection worker, or school well-being team.

Pray that God to comfort and heal children who are brokenhearted, lonely, lost and confused, and place them in families.

Pray for wisdom for law enforcement, investigators, undercover operatives, social workers and those who work in areas of child protection.

Wednesday - 29th May

Pray for the Karamojong people to turn to God from their traditional religion, and turn away from destructive practices such as cattle raiding, violence, drunkenness, shrine worship, witchcraft, witch doctors, and curses.

Pray for the local Karamajong faith community leaders as they endeavour to share their faith. Pray for the faith community members, for perseverance and strength to face any opposition they may get from other members of their villages.

Thursday - 30th May

Pray for future Discipleship training opportunities for Indigenous pastors led by the trained Indigenous Christian leaders of Pastor Henry (AIM); and Pastor Manton (AEF).

Friday - 31st May

Pray that church communities have been inspired, encouraged, and prompted by the May Mission Month Mending! Theme. 

Pray for continual refreshing of hearts to engage in God’s global mission throughout this coming year.


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