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  • Who has been reading through Matthew for Lent this week?

  • What were some highlights? What has God been revealing to you so far?

Read Matthew 8:23-27

This is a very famous story in the life of Jesus. It's in lots of kids bibles and Sunday School curriculums. Yet it might not be as simple as you think...

  • Is there anything about this story that stands out to you in particular as you read it now?

Read Jonah 1

  • What are the similarities between these two stories?

  • What are the key differences between Jesus and Jonah?

  • How do these similarities and differences help us to better understand Jesus calming the storm?

  • How does this help us answer the disciples question, "What kind of man is this?"

Read Matthew 8:28-34

  • What 'storm' does Jesus face in this section?

  • How do we make sense of the strangeness of this exorcism (and the death of the herd of pigs!) in light of the fact that Jesus did many other exorcisms that were not like this one?

This is the first sign that Jesus's ministry extends beyond the territory of Israel (this was a gentile area - thus pig farming). Read Mark 5:18-20, where Jesus instructs a previously-demon-possessed man to bear witness to this event among his fellow Gentiles.

  • Consider how everyone responds to Jesus in these two stories (the disciples in Matthew 8:27, the people in Matthew 8:33-34 and the people in Mark 5:18-20). How do these line up with your own response to Jesus? ...or the response of others you have shared about Jesus with?

  • How should we respond to Jesus (hint: look again at what Jesus says in Matthew 8:26)

Spend some time in prayer for one another, that God would increase our faith, and that He help us to share with others the truth that Jesus is Lord.


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