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28th June 2024

Kingdom Kids Term Highlight

What an amazing term we have had in our Kingdom Kids. Our children are thriving and we love seeing beautiful spiritual growth in our children. We have been learning all about God’s love and purpose for us this term, and ways in which our children can practically take what God is telling them through the bible stories and how to apply His lessons in their daily lives. Next term is going to continue to be amazing and we can’t wait to get into the next term together!

Teach us to Pray

From this Sunday we begin a church-wide series through the Lord's Prayer over 5 weeks! As part of our series there will be a series booklet available. Use it on your own, or better yet, use in community with others!

If you're looking for some people to meet with, Travis will facilitate two temporary 5 week connect groups to work through the series booklet: an in-person Thursday morning group, and for the busy person, an online Monday evening group. You can sign up for either via our whatson page

Throughout the series we'll also be singing a new song inspired by the Lord's Prayer.

Make sure to have a listen before Sunday, when we'll get the opportunity to sing it together.

The Gathering Update!

It's great to see so many booked in for this year's The Gathering already! Don't miss out on accommodation as it's filling up quickly.

Head to our What's On page to rego or see the options. If the cost is too much for you, please let us know. If you're feeling grateful and generous you can sponsor others here.

News from Nita Finger

Nita has now returned 'home' to Moroto, Uganda (travelling from Tamworth to Sydney to Doha to Kampala!) and moved into a share-house with her colleague Talitha. She says Talitha is the better cook, so she's enjoying living with her!

Her ministry supporting the local pastors has resumed, and it appears that the migraines are gone (praise God). Nita is now making the necessary arrangements to replace her current, unreliable car. We hope to have an opportunity later in the year to contribute financially to this need - we'll keep you posted.

Nita, who was a member of NVBC for several years, is now part of Africa Inland Mission (Australisia) team working with the Karamojong people group in Uganda. You can learn more about Nita's work here. And look for her prayer points in The Harvest Prayer Newsletter (in your email inbox today).


This Sunday

Get keen for the start of our 'Teach us to Pray' series at both AM + PM!! Series booklets will available, and at PM we have our Youth Band on + our supper will be "dip it" themed!

Connect Weekend

One for your diaries! After the resounding positive feedback of those who joined in our last connect weekend, we have scheduled our next one! More info and the chance to host or come along to one of our events to come.


Latest Finance Update



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