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National Church Life Survey

Adult Survey (15yrs and over) – Participate online here
Young Person Survey (8 – 14yrs) - Participate online here

NVBC regularly completes the NCLS, which gives all of us a voice in describing:

  1. who we are

  2. what’s important to us

  3. how each of us is going in our journey with God, and

  4. what we’re celebrating and where we need to fine-tune some things.

This year’s survey is particularly important in assessing the impact of the COVID pandemic. The results will be used (in conjunction with a whole lot of prayer) to discern what we need to focus on in the next 12 months and beyond to ensure that we are a healthy, effective, God-honouring Church. The new Senior Pastor will no doubt find this invaluable as they commence at NVBC. The results will also feed into the picture of the Church nationally.

If you did not complete either a paper or online Survey last Sunday, can we please ask you to have your say in the next few days -

  • We will have paper forms available again this Sunday to complete and leave on the table in the Foyer,

  • Contact the Church office to arrange to collect a Survey this week

  • Complete online either now, or before 9am next Tuesday 8th March​​

We really do want to hear what everyone has to say, including you. The church code should already be filled out on the online links, but if you need it again, the Church Code is BA 11 00 00.


Thanks so much for participating. We really do appreciate your contribution.

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