The Gathering: 28-30 October 2022
Koala Shores, Port Stephens

WHAT IS THE GATHERING? The Gathering is an opportunity for our church family to spend a weekend away together. The Gathering is about belonging. It’s about creating space. It’s about spending unhurried, unrushed time together as a church family, making lasting memories and connecting deeply with each other and God. It’s about refreshment: spiritually, physically and mentally. It’s an expression of who we are together.

WHO IS THE GATHERING FOR? The Gathering is for everyone in our NVBC community. From the youngest baby to the oldest senior. Babies. Youth. Young Adults. Men. Women. Your family, as part of our family. You, as part of us.

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? The Gathering is catered to all people and all demographics. There are a range of accommodation styles to suit different needs and preferences, and there will be optional activities throughout the weekend, for the active, the adventurous, the contemplative, the creative, the introverts and the extroverts alike. There are a couple of key times and meals when we will unite together – but there is lots of time and space to build deeper relationships and do the things that will refresh and energise you.

WHAT'S THE PROGRAM? Coming soon...

WHAT'S ON THE MENU? Your NVBC Registration Covers... Friday - Supper (Cheese platters) Saturday - Breakfast (Egg and Bacon Rolls), Lunch (Sausages on Rolls), Dinner (Roast Chicken and Salads) and Supper (Donuts and Fruit Platters) Sunday - Breakfast (Continental Breakfast Options)