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Luke 1:1-25

Over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas we will be reading the Christmas story as told by Luke in chapters 1-2 of his Gospel. This will be our final bible study series for 2022, before we take a break over January.

  • What connotations does the Christmas story bring up for you? What memories do you have of reading (or even performing) this story as a child?

How well do you know Christmas according to the Bible? Play this fun True or False Quiz together to find out!

Read Luke 1:1-25

  • What do you notice about the way Luke tells this story? What does he seem to be most focused on?

  • The introduction to Luke sets our expectations - we expect to hear the story of Jesus. Yet the name "Jesus" doesn't appear until 1:31, and Jesus himself doesn't arrive until 2:7. Why do you think Luke begins his Gospel this way?

God has a long history of giving children to women who long to be mothers. You might like to read about Sarah in Genesis 21; Rachel in Genesis 30 & 35; the unnamed wife of Manoah in Judges 13; and Hannah in 1 Samuel 1.

  • What do these previous stories have in common with the story of Elizabeth - what might Luke's readers expect of John, considering the importance of the lives of Isaac, Jacob, Samson and Samuel following their miraculous conceptions.

  • Consider Zechariah. What sort of man was he? What impact did God's grace have on him in this story?

  • Have you ever experienced the grace of God in ways that are surprising or even shocking? Share your stories together to encourage one another.

  • Now consider God. What is He up to in all of this? How does God's big story interact with Zechariah and Elizabeth's ordinary lives?

  • What does this show us about the way God's big story might impact on us?

  • We often think of ourselves like we're the main character in a story - but to what degree is our life story about us, and how much is it part of the bigger story about God?

  • Spend some time reflecting on your own story, and the ways in which you have been swept up in the grace-filled story of God's work in the world. Ask God to give you a vision of your life from His point of view.


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