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The Passover


This bible study examines the story of the Passover in Exodus 12.

Watch this video from the Bible Project, summarising the first 18 chapters of the Book of the Exodus - and pay special attention to the context of the events of the Passover (around 4 mins in)

  • What led up to the Passover event?

  • What does this teach us about God?

  • What does it teach us about humanity?

Read Exodus 12:1-11

  • Why do you think God mandated that the Passover should become the first month of the Hebrew calendar?

  • Why do you think the animals needed to be 'without defect'?

  • What do you think is the implication of the instructions in verse 11?

Read Exodus 12:12-13

  • How do you feel as you read about this event? How do you think an ordinary Hebrew slave would have felt, huddled in their homes with blood smeared on the door-frames?

Read Exodus 12:14-39

  • Why do you think God instituted the Passover as the central festival of His people?

  • What were they to think about as they celebrated it?

  • How did this story come to define their identity?

  • See if you can list some of the themes that are present in the meaning of the Passover.

Read Luke 22:7-20

  • How did Jesus celebrate the passover with his disciples?

  • Jesus says that the passover "finds fulfilment in the Kingdom of God." What do you think are the connections between the Passover and Jesus' death on the cross? (You might want to re-examine your list of themes for the meaning of the passover, and see how those themes are extended in Jesus)

  • How has our exploration of the Passover deepened your understanding of what Jesus did on the cross?

Spend some time reflecting on the shared stories of Passover and Easter - and don't forget to attend our Passover experience next Sunday (2nd April) at 5pm.

Pray for one another, that God would help us to experience and celebrate his grace and freedom this Easter.

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