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NVBC is a church devoted to mission - local, regional and international. We have a special focus on God's mission in May each year. Please pray each day throughout May for the mission-shaped ministries of NVBC and our partnerships in Australia and around the world.

Wednesday - 15th May

Pray that the online courses and school curriculum created by ZOE Australia will reach more adults and children to increase a greater awareness of child trafficking in Australia.

Pray for God’s provision for restorative work including finances, locations/spaces, and specially trained teams.

Thursday - 16th May

Pray that God will be working in the lives of the indigenous community in Purfleet through Uncle Russell, Auntie Lorraine, and the other believers, drawing them all closer to Himself.

Friday - 17th May

Muana and Villy

Pray for health as it is hot, humid, and smoggy in Thailand due to seasonal burning of fields and forest to be ready for planting.

Pray for Villy and the Beauty and Beyond ministry as she started a mobile service, going out to churches, home churches, and community centres to pamper and share with women in their local settings.

Saturday - 18th May

Yawo People

Pray for a number of young men in Mozambique who are openly and actively seeking God.  Pray for their faith, futures, and impact on those around them.

The Malawian kwacha was devalued significantly last year, and the cost of commodities has skyrocketed.  They have experienced poor harvests and begging has increased.  Some of the missionaries are experiencing anger from local people as they are seen to be wealthy ones in the community.  Pray for their safety and for God’s provision for the needs of the community.

Sunday - 19th May

Pray for Daniel’s preaching series of 1 & 2 Peter in the Mt Druitt Indigenous Church to bring God’s message deep down into members’ hearts and be transformed into actions that they obey their Lord and Saviour Jesus in all His teaching and commands.

Monday - 20th May

Insight High School Ministry

Pray that doors will be opened in our schools in 2024 to allow God’s love and word to be shared amongst the school communities.

Tuesday - 21st May

Pray for wisdom, guidance, and patience for the OSHC team.  Pray for sufficient staff to ensure smooth and safe running of the programmes.


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