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Acts 1:1-11

This is the beginning of a new series in the Book of Acts, looking at how the Gospel goes out from here to the 'beyond'.

Read Acts 1:1-3

The introduction to the book of Acts makes it clear that this book is 'Part 2', and the Gospel of Luke was 'part 1'.

  • What do you notice about Luke's introduction?

  • If Luke's Gospel was "about all that Jesus began to do and to teach" what would the reader expect the book of Acts to be about?

  • From what you know of the book of Acts, how does the book fulfil that expectation? And how does it diverge from it?

Watch at least the first 3 minutes of the Bible Project video on the book of Acts:

  • What did you notice in the video? What do The Bible Project think are the key themes and ideas of the book of Acts? How are those themes introduced in these opening verses?

Read Acts 1:4-11

  • What is the role of the Holy Spirit in the ongoing work of Jesus?

  • What is the role of the disciples, filled with the Spirit?

  • How do we, as Spirit-filled followers of Jesus, continue to follow in the footsteps of these first disciples?

  • How can we bear witness to the Kingdom of God...

    • in our own lives?

    • as God's people in Narara?

    • as a Connect Group?

Spend some time praying for the things you've thought about in the last question - inviting the Holy Spirit to equip us as Jesus's witnesses.


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