'Desperate for God, Passionate for People'

We are building a community that is desperate for God and passionate for people. We see a church that shapes and influences culture. A church where the frequency and magnitude of life change is so significant that it cannot be ignored. Pastor Craig has articulated our vision in The Church We See.
Our vision is more than a pipe dream, we have a strategy that is guided by the insights Jesus gives us in the ‘Parable Of The Sower’ (Luke 8).
We seek to live out this Vision through 3 principles … Prepare | Sow | Grow.
PREPARE – Like soil being prepared for seed, we believe that people’s hearts are prepared for the Gospel in the context of real relationships that are saturated in prayer. With that in mind we invest time into building genuine & meaningful relationships with those who don’t yet know Jesus, and we pray fervently for those with whom we are connecting. 
SOW – Just as a farmer sows seed into the soil, we are committed to sharing the Gospel in word, sign and deed.
GROW – The outcome any farmer looks for are trees that are growing, healthy and fruitful. So too, our desire is to see people enjoy a growing, healthy and fruitful relationship with Jesus.