The Book of Acts reveals a dynamic church. It was alive with the power of God. The church in Jerusalem started with a small group of 120 people. Commissioned by Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit, the New Testament Church spread from Jerusalem, into Judea, Samaria and unto the ends of the earth.
As an Acts 1:8 Church, NVBC’s goal is to spread the love and Good News of Jesus throughout our neighbourhood, across our region and into the nations. 

In our Community    In our Nation      In our World

In our Community

Serve on a Sunday

There are many ways that you can serve on a Sunday. Please contact the office to find out more and let us know what interests you.

Serve within NVBC

Something is always going on at NVBC that we could use your help with, even during the week. Please contact the office to find out more and let us know what interests you.

Serve in our Community


The Friendship Club

The Friendship Club reaches out to Central Coast people suffering with mental illness by providing a safe, welcoming and enjoyable environment where everyone can experience God’s unconditional love and acceptance. 
The Friendship Club operates within the grounds of Liberty Church in Gosford. Volunteers help between 10am and 12MD on Wednesdays, listening, playing board games, listening some more and helping to serve morning tea. Others can help by baking biscuits or cakes which are greatly appreciated. 
If you would like to know more information about the Friendship Club, or you would like to help as a volunteer, please contact the church.

The Mann Street Ministry

The Mann Street Ministry provides love, healthy meals, clean clothing, warm blankets, court support and other services for the homeless and marginalised.

Established by local Christians in Kibble Park in 1999, the ministry relocated to the Brian McGowan Bridge precinct before finding ‘temporary’ premises at Donnison Street, Gosford. We are now located in the Coast Shelter facility in Mann Street Gosford. On Wednesday nights, NVBC provides meals for up to 150 men, women and children.
If you would like to know more about the Mann St Ministry please contact the church.


NVBC Playgroups

NVBC Playgroups are held in the hall at 149 Narara Valley Drive on Wednesday mornings between 9.30am and 11.30am. At Playgroup, we seek to provide a positive learning and play environment for children, and a place where parents can connect with each other. The safety of our children is very important to us. Our playgroup leaders have an understanding and appreciation of the importance of Child Protection, and have completed and passed Working with Children Checks. 
For more information about Playgroup, please contact the church office.


Fitness@NVBC is a great way to meet new friends and get fit. Suitable for beginners through to experts, our classes offer a variety of workout options to suit all participants. Bring along your neighbours, your friends and your family! 
All classes offer qualified instruction and an authentic workout. We meet in the main auditorium at 149 Narara Valley Drive. The cost is $5 per class which is exceptional value!!! 
For more information contact the Church Office or see their Facebook page.
CoastCare provides Chaplins to two local primary schools. There are opportunities to serve on the Board or Insight, or as Christian Schools Workers or Chaplin. For more information please contact the Church Office.
NVBC partners with other churches and individuals on the Coast to place Christian Schools Workers and Chaplins in local high schools. There are opportunitites to serve on the Board on Insight, or as Christian Schools Workers or Chaplins. For more information please contac the Church Office.

In our Nation

Boolarng is NVBC’s outreach and friendship ministry to the Purfleet Aboriginal community in northern NSW. Each year, members from NVBC and other churches combine to run a summer camp for Aboriginal children near Taree. This well established ministry has been growing in popularity, size and impact since 1993. 
If you would like to know more about Boolarng, sponsor a Purfleet child at our next summer camp or join us at Taree in January, please contact the church.

In our World

injustice is NVBC’s Social Justice Ministry. 
In Micah 6:8, we are commanded to act justly, love mercy and to walk humbly with our God. Jesus’ life amplifies the importance of this teaching as he seamlessly integrated Gospel truths with compassion and justice. The injustice team aims to stimulate awareness and initiate activities within our church capable of tackling global and cross-cultural problems - including global poverty, human trafficking, child exploitation and ethical consumerism.  
If you want to find out more about injustice or to get involved contact the church office.
NVBC’s global partners help to address the needs of unreached or under-reached people groups outside Australia. The Intermission team helps NVBC to keep informed, and to be available and actively involved in global mission. 
They have several responsibilities, including:

Short Term Mission Teams:

The Intermission team promotes, supports and overees short-term and awareness mission trips that align with NVBC mission priorities and objectives.
For more information, contact the church office.

R10 Missionary Support:

In Romans 10, the Apostle Paul makes it clear that the church is responsible for sending workers into the harvest. Intermission encourages members of NVBC to be ‘goers’; helping, equipping and sending them into service; supporting them in the field and helping them when they return. 

In the same way that a frontline soldier requires support from whole teams of helpers, there are many jobs that local churches must do to keep our global missionaries in the field. Amongst other things, the Intermission team provides or arranges the provision of moral, logistics, financial, prayer, communications and re-entry support.
At a global level, NVBC provides support to: 
GiA missionaries in Nth Thailand & Mozambique (www.globalinteraction.org.au)
The Zoe Foundation in Nth Thailand (www.zoefoundation.org.au)
Global mission experts have long urged churches to partner with an under-reached people group and to direct finite resources to ministries and missionaries that support that group. This approach is strongly endorsed by Global Interaction, the missionary arm of Australian Baptist Churches. 
In 2009, NVBC embraced the Northern Thai (or Khon Muang) as our global mission priority. Approximately 6 million Khon Muang live in Northern Thailand, a region that was once the independent kingdom of Lan-na. The Khon Muang people retain a culture, dialect and heritage that are distinct from other groups in Thailand. The Intermission team strives to make our relationship with the Khon Muang as substantial and meaningful as possible. 
The Harvest is NVBC’s mission prayer calendar. It is produced by the InterMission team each month. If you would like to obtain a hardcopy or receive a regular e-calendar, please contact the church.