Men @ NVBC


Men @ NVBC has been created to provide men with a connection point in the community, where real mateship can be developed. Our aim is to meet men where they are at in life – fathers, sons, husbands, and ultimately, as followers of Jesus Christ – and equip them to deal with the daily pressures that they face. Our aim is to be proactive in bringing men to a place of understanding and equipping them with practical strategies for all aspects of life. By doing so, we want to enable men to become effective leaders within their family and community.
We also want to give guys opportunities to have a break and just hang out with other blokes! So we have breakfasts, dinners, camps and other events throughout the year!


Men everywhere want to know how to do life and how to do it well. They want to know how to manage busy lives and juggle the ever-increasing responsibilities that are being placed on them by family and society. We recognise that there are different seasons in a man’s life that he needs to understand and be prepared for – he needs to be equipped to succeed – and that men need real mates who will still be beside them when the going gets tough.


Men @ NVBC is organised by a group of four guys who are part of our church. 



Men's Renewal Retreat Groups

Men's Renewal Retreat Groups exist to provide a space for men to experience on-going renewal spiritually, relationally and emotionally.

Each group is a three-year commitment which sees men participate in one residential retreat per year (Friday-Sunday) and two 'catch-up' days per year.

If you would like further information or would like to register for a future group, please contact us here.